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5 Steps to Prepare your Home for Winter

Snow covered roof Winter is coming quickly and implacably and it is time to take care for our homes and prepare them to survive the next few months without problems and losses. Luckily, if you are reading this, you have plenty of time to get everything done and in order to make it easier for you, we have a few extremely useful tips that will save your time, money and energy. Here we go!

Sweep your chimneys

Or have them swept, if you don’t want to turn black yourself. If the way you heat your home requires a functioning chimney (fireplace, wood burner etc.) you’d better make sure that your chimneys are clean and not obstructed before it is too late. Once it becomes cold and the snow and rain start, it will be much harder and more expensive to do this.

Prepare the gutters

The gutters, although there are people that do not realize it, are extremely important for your house. If it was not for them, water from the rain and the melting snow would fall everywhere and would probably make your yard look like a slide. So clean out the gutters, check if they are obscured, mend any leaks and weaknesses – you will benefit from this later. Speaking of yards, if you have stuff stored in open, you’d better find where to put it during the winter – in the ceiling, the garage or the basement; just find a dry place for it.

Consider energy-saving options

When having in mind that the energy is constantly up, it’s good to find a way to keep your bills down at least a bit. You can cut the energy bills during winter by making sure your electrical system is working properly as any malfunction may increase the energy consumption. You can also try energy-saving LED lights – they are powerful, long-lasting and really help reducing the electricity expenses. A good idea is to hire a specialist, who will evaluate the electrical consumption in your home and will tell you what you can improve.

Check for air leaks

Maybe you don’t mind them in the summer, but they may be really problematic in the winter. There may be air leaks around the window frames, the exterior doors, the air ventilation system in your bathroom and kitchen, the electric outlets etc. The best way to seal all the leaks is to hire a specialist, who has specialized equipment and won’t miss a spot. This will really help you with the heating of your home and the reduction of electricity consumption.

Check your roof

Go to the roof and check whether there are missing tiles, leaks or some other problems that may let water and cold air in during the winter or, even worse, result in a greater and more expensive damage. Mend everything you find to make sure your home is ready for the cold months.

If you follow these 5 tips and prepare your home for winter on time, you will have undisturbed winter and gorgeous Christmas. Don’t let problems that you could have prevented spoil your vacation and make you spend a fortune on solutions that are much more inexpensive now. And don’t forget to get some milk and cookies for Santa!

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