6 Steps To Selling Your Car

Selling Your Car Made Easy with Loot!It’s now easier than ever to sell your car online by using classified advertising websites. You may be surprised just how quickly you can sell it AND how much more money you can get through a private sale! Here’s some important things to remember when selling your car through classified advertising websites safely and successfully:

Make your classified advert nice and clear

Your title should be the make and model of the car and your advert details should include the year of registration, the key facts such as MOT, tax, mileage, service history and any modifications that have been made. Remember to state the condition and price you are asking for. Include clear contact details such as your contact phone numbers and email. If you have a popular car or envisage many calls, it may be worth setting up a new email account for the initial enquiries.

Keep your advert relevant

Do not overfill it with too many details, you don’t want to bore the reader.  Avoid abbreviations if you can, your readers may not understand them. Avoid using cliches such as ‘first to see will buy’, people will view this as a disingenuous sales technique and not take the ad seriously. Remember you are selling yourself as well as the car. People need to buy into you before they consider doing business with you.

Always include the location

of your car in the advert so prospective buyers know how far they have to travel to view and make sure you state if you are willing to meet a buyer closer to their location.

Use a sharp photo of your car

This will help sell the car and give an accurate representation of the colour and the condition. Close-ups of special features and extras will be a bonus E.g: leather interior, spoilers etc. Wash your car and get it looking as nice as possible and take the picture against an uncluttered background if possible.

Be honest

about the condition of your car and be prepared to answer questions on it’s history and any works that have been carried out. When initially speaking to a prospective buyer or answering queries, be very clear about your expectations on appointment times and price. You don’t want your time wasted.

Carry out some research on the price

Be realistic if  you are after a quick sale or offer a negotiation by stating ‘or near offer’ after the quoted price in your advert. You can find out how much your car is worth by using special online tools or by comparing your car to others for sale of the same make, model, year and condition. The last thing you want is to list your car next to one which is very similar to yours but is going for a lot less. Keep  your price competitive, do not undercut yourself but always make sure you are in the right ball park.


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