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Less shabby, more chic: UPCYCLED FURNITURE

Upcycled furniture ideas for your home – shabby chic style!

Don’t buy brand-new furniture at an extortionate cost. We suggest that you find great quality, second-hand pieces in our classified ads- on loot.com – for furniture that looks great, at a fraction of the cost. What’s more… customising and upcycling furniture is easier than you may think!

Okay, we have succeeded in convincing you, so where do you begin?

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Step One

First things first: what do you need? With over 100,000 local advertisements it is highly likely that we will have what you are looking for. All you need to know is how much space you are wishing to fill and how much creativity you have! Measuring your room and planning exactly where your item of furniture will go will stop the frustrating situation: small room, small doorway, giant wardrobe.

So… you have measured your doorways, your windows (if necessary) and your free-space in the room. Next it is time to get searching!

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Step Two

Visit www.loot.com, locate your city or local area and [BROWSE] your category.

Step Three

Bringing your goods home. Collect your item in your car. Be warned, older furniture to be slightly heavier than the Ikea furniture we have become used to. If you do not have a mode of transportation you could always enlist some help from the professionals… On our LOOT website there are a number of people offering ‘man with a van’ services across the country.

Step Four

You do not have to be particularly skilled in painting or decorating to update your LOOT furniture. If you do happen to feel adverturous you could try a difficult geometric design like this…


A hugely popular style at the moment is the ‘distressed’ look. The good news? Using chalk paint to achieve this look requires minimal preparation: with no need to rub down!


      • Check for woodworm: In rare cases furniture may need treatment for woodworm *despite its name it is actually a beetle, not a worm at all. Do not be put off though,woodworm is easy to spot and even easier to treat!
      • Prepare your furniture: Paint, with undercoat, areas where scuffing would naturally occur.



      • Tick-tock, tick-tock: Wait for around twenty minutes, for the undercoat to dry.
      • Apply the second-coat: Use a variety of brush-strokes to create a textured look, then leave to dry.
      • Apply a soft, clear wax with a lint-free cloth.
      • Create a distressed, shabby-chic inspired look with medium-grade sandpaper to expose the areas that you choose.
      • Re-seal with another layer of wax to seal your new design!
      • The morning after: Buff your stuff. Using another lint-free cloth buff your way to beautiful furniture
      • Voilà, admire your creation.


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