The day JFK met Spock

Two iconic names in history for different reasons.

JFK and Spock, who was played by the actor Leonard Nimoy, crossed paths once upon a time when Nimoy was starting out in the acting business.

Then 24 the actor began driving taxi’s to supplement his income when he was lining up auditions to break into the industry.


His most famous passenger when driving taxi’s was the future president.

In 2012, Nimoy gave the commencement speech at Boston University where he detailed the time he met JFK.

“I drove a taxi at night so that I could be available for auditions during the day. One night I picked up Jack Kennedy at the Bel Air Hotel.”

“Yes, that Jack Kennedy. Senator from Massachusetts at the time and future president. We chatted about careers, politics and show business and we agreed that both had a lot in common.”

“Maybe too much in common.”

He said “Lots of competition in your business, just like in mine,” And then he gave me this “Just remember there’s always room for one more good one”. Words to live by, and I did.”

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