Top 10 Cars For Under £1000

Whether you’re in college, strapped for cash or just want a cheap car that’s the best your money can get you, here is a comprehensive list of the best cars to buy for under £1000

1. Citroen Saxo
Citroen Saxo




A great, cheap little hatchback. Whilst it has a reputation for being a bit of a classic “boy racer” car, it is actually pretty basic. You can get sporty versions and in fact even the smaller engines can be pretty nippy, especially the VTR or VTS. Overall, a good first car, but very far from luxury.

2. Ford Fiesta




Simple, small, cheap hatchback. That perfectly describes the Ford Fiesta. It’s cheap to buy and, as Ford replacement parts are universally available, it’s cheap to fix if something goes wrong. The 1.25-litre Zetec can also be pretty good fun to drive. Great for a first car or just for a cheap city run-around.

3. Peugeot 106






If you go for a 1.4-litre Quicksilver you can actually find yourself with a decent little hatchback. The strange thing about the 106 is the bodywork, all those corners… It just looks like an old design. Cheap, fairly reliable but it is small and looks outdated.

4. Peugeot 206






A bit like the cooler, older brother of the 106. 206s can be purchased for remarkably little money, if you know where to look. They are pretty cheap to fix and can be fun modifying. Some people find them awkward to drive. They appear to be a nifty little hatchback from the outside, but when you’re driving one it’s like steering something much more big and awkward.

5. Fiat Punto






Puntos are great because they’re relatively cheap cars that look more modern and expensive than they actually are. The 1.4 Multiairs are particularly well equipped for such small cars. However, the steering has been described as “vague” and the safety features are far from immaculate.

6. VW Polo
Volkswagen Polo






For less than £1000 you would have to get a Polo which is older than the other cars in this list. But, the reason VWs hold their value so well is due to their reliability. That being said, sometimes VWs have parts with cheap, plastic components that are prone to break and fixing them is not cheap. If you buy the right one, a Polo will last you forever and they have great safety features. However, don’t buy them unless you, or a mechanic has checked them over.

7. Renault Clio






Great fun to drive. They have that quality some small hatchbacks have that means they pull away quickly, can nip through small spaces and you can park them anywhere. Pre-2000 models aren’t particularly luxurious or spacious but they’re great for getting to and from college.

8. VW Golf






For £1000 you could get a decent high-spec MK3 or even a MK4. Avoid pre-2000 MK4 GTIs though, as the engines were in desperate need of the re-vamp they received in 2001. GT-TDIs are hugely fun to drive but will cost you on insurance. If you get a smaller petrol engine you can save on insurance and still get central locking and electric windows.

9. Ford KA






A lot of the same qualities as a Renault Clio. Nippy, reliable, cheap and also can be sporty and fun to drive as well. They are also very cheap to insure and to fix if anything goes wrong.

10. Vauxhall Corsa






Vauxhall Corsas are dull to drive. They are practical and spacious inside, especially if you get a 5 door, but other than that a pretty uninteresting car all round. This could mean that a Corsa is an ideal first car, relatively safe and can transport you, some friends and a large boot-full of stuff.

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