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Clear the clutter

FACT: there is an estimated £5.6 billion worth of unwanted items stored in homes throughout the UK. Declutter your home: make cash from selling unwanted items. Never has it been easier to declutter. With this is mind, why not get rid of your unwanted items and, maybe even, make a bit of extra cash? ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

We all know how difficult it is to rid yourself of sentimental items: whether family heirlooms or the size 8 jeans, it’s not easy saying ‘good-bye’. In exploring the proverb ‘less is more’ LOOT brings – to you – some ‘positive effects of decluttering’…

    • Possess less, stress less.
    • A de-cluttered home is easier to clean and maintain on a daily basis.
    • What’s better than the opportunity to make cash from selling unwanted items!

Don’t delay: Roll up your sleeves, sell the unwanted items and MAKE SOME CASH.


Step One: Make room for unwanted items

Designate a place to store the many unwanted items that you intend to sell. Clear some space in your garage or guest room – this will become the temporary home for the unwanted items that are destined to become someone else’s treasure.

Step Two: Spring Clean

Sift through your cupboards, boxes under the bed and your chest of drawers. Arrange the contents into various piles. Some clothes may be useless to anyone – such as odd socks, broken items, soiled clothing or fashion faux-pas. Luckily, one pile of unwanted items will be for reselling. When it comes to reselling, be sure to use a site with access to many keen shoppers, such as

QuestionsStep Three: Keep it simple.

Keep your decision making SIMPLE, then you won’t waste time and energy agonising over what stays and what goes. Here is a really useful Declutter Decision Making Guide, that can help with this stage.

Step Four: Selling Your Loot

List your unwanted items with an accurate description. ‘Labels’ sell so make sure that your description showcases your loot. Be honest about the condition of the item and if it ‘hardly worn’ then shout about it!


Step Five: A Picture Speaks 1000 words

Unless your clothing items still have their labels attached, your clothes for sale should be freshly washed and pressed. Be mindful of your surroundings. Take photos of the item for sale against a plain, white wall – nobody wants to see your untidy bedroom in the photo. The photo should be an accurate representation of the item you wish to sell – make sure the colour setting is genuine, this is not a time for insta-editing your photos. If it is clothing you are selling take multiple photos: front, back, on a model and a close-up of the label.

Step Six: Sell and Spend

Forgive us if we are wrong, here, but we don’t think you need too much help with this stage of the de-cluttering!


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