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How To Use Social Media to Improve Your Job Search

LOOT experts are here to help with advice on ‘How to use social media to improve your job search’. There are currently an estimated 2.3 million unemployed people in the UK.  LinkedIn has 15 million users in the UK, whilst Facebook is off-the-scale in terms of Britons as 24 million Britons log on to Facebook each day. Facebook published its number of daily users in the UK for the first time in August 2013 and the figures showed that more than a third of the UK population were visiting the site every day.

With such a large audience it is little wonder that just one tweet can [make] or [break] your successful job search.

LinkedIn has been a great success in UK.

LinkedIn has been a great success in UK.

Did you know? Online recruiters love using LinkedIn to source new talent.

How to utilise social media to be head-hunted and recruited :

  • On LinkedIn : Develop your connections. Having more than 50 puts you higher on the recruiter search list – further aiding your job search!

  • On Facebook : Ensure your Facebook posts are in-offensive and in good english, whilst editing your profile and pictures. Sort through your friends and consider removing colleges from your Facebook – they belong on LinkedIn.

On Twitter : Avoid heated, passionate debates if slipping into bad language is common for you. Bad language will certainly reduce your results as you job search. Avoid mentioning company names for anything but obvious praise. If you have more than one twitter *check* which profile you are on before tweeting!

What you should avoid on social media in your job search :

  1. Do not display disputes with your boss. Nobody is interested in this type of post – least of all your potential NEW boss.
  2. Making comments which could be perceived as discriminatory’. Whether your comments offend others based on race, religion, gender or anything else – for that fact – causing offence will question ones modern social skills.
  3. Bad communication. This includes swearing and grammar in your posts. Your on-line profile is made of words, just like your CV; don’t allow one to contradict the other.
  4. Information to suggest the candidate’s drug abuse (and misuse). This one speaks for itself. If in doubt ask yourself – does this image convey a glass of wine at dinner? If the answer is ‘no’ then – perhaps – you should re-evaluate the necessity of posting such an image.
  5. On the subject of image – inappropriate images should not be on your profile and – yes – this includes the displays of nudity whilst on holiday with your friends.

Famous social media blunders : Connor Riley (22) failed at the last stage of her job search. She was offered a job at Cisco in 2009. Connor tweeted about the new opportunity – which is pretty common for most people of her generation.

Tweet failures that may crush your successful job search

Tweet failures that may crush your successful job search

Riley’s tweet mentioned that taking a “fatty paycheck” would come at the expense of “hating the work.”

A Cisco employee responded to her tweet, offering to pass her sentiments along to the hiring manager. Riley lost the job before it was even started: serving as a cautionary tale.

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