Watch: An uplifting conversation between a father and son on air after the Paris attacks

“Les méchants, c’est pas très gentil.”➡ http://bit.ly/1Lix9L2#LPJ

Posted by Le Petit Journal on Monday, 16 November 2015

In the aftermath of the tragedy in Paris we’ve been thinking of the people most affected by the awful tragedy but looking to the future the next step of education to not be afraid has started.

The video above, in French, is between a little boy who is scared about staying in Paris and his reassuring father.

Boy: “Yes, because they’re very, very, very mean. The bad guys aren’t very nice. And we really have to be careful because we have to change homes.”

Father: “No, don’t worry, we don’t have to change homes. France is our home.”

Boy: “But there are bad guys, Daddy!”

Father: “Yes, but there are bad guys everywhere.”

Boy: “They have guns, they can shoot at us because they have guns and are bad.”

Father: “Well, they have guns, but we have flowers.”

Boy: “But flowers don’t do anything.”

Father: “See all the flowers? They’re to fight against the guns.”

Boy: “Are they there to protect? The candles too?”

Father: “There you go. It’s to not forget those who left us yesterday.”

Boy: “The flowers and the candles, they’re there to protect us.”

Reporter: “So are you feeling better?”

Boy: “Yep, I’m feeling better.”

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