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Weight Loss: How to Lose Fat

Weight loss requires a change in dietIt is quite frequent, around this particular period, that many of us desire to lose weight. The subject of losing weight typically gets over-interpreted as being a elaborate & costly course of action. The notion of having a healthy salad for supper and starving yourself for the rest of the day has been entirely blown out of proportion.

I’m here to express this is drastically wrong! You do not need to waste funds on supplements, or invest all your time in the gym to lose excess weight. Just before taking a look at how we slim down, the principle behind weight loss has to be understood.

What are Hormones & what do they do?

The thought of calories in versus calories can summarize fat reduction. If you use a lot more calories from performing exercises, than what you eat via food, you’ll reduce weight. Hormones really are a forgotten factor in weight loss, since it is these hormones that dictate whether one’s body will relieve or store fat. Stored fat cells can also be harnessed for energy, once the right hormones send the signs to do so. These hormones are triggered from things such as stress, exercising, drinking & what foods you eat. A fat cell is the body’s reserve fuel. Imagine this as being a 2nd gas tank in your car or truck when it has no fuel. When a body is depleted of glycogen, which is often used up when doing exercises, your body will use fat cells for energy. By training enough, you can burn off these excess fat cells and reduce your current bodyfat. Just a pointer however – you’ll need some fat. With zero fat the body would power down so you would die. This is a hard reality.

Greatest Fat Loss Performance

Hormonal levels need to be as follows to obtain the most efficient results:

  • Maximum GH
  • Glycogen Maximised
  • Low levels of Insulin
  • Cortisol levels should be kept very low

How to change these levels to lose fat:

  • Minimise Insulin Levels & Maximise Glygocen
  • Weight training exercises, such as working out with dumbbells, barbells or resistance machines will improve your sensitivity to insulin.
  • Maximum Growth Hormone Response
  • Refrain from eating sugary foods, bread, pasta, sugary cereal and processed foods. By consuming these foods, you are effectively pausing your fat loss for the next 3-4 hours.
  • Eat protein with carb sources, as this will slow down any sugar content in the carbs.

Virtually all a day’s growth hormone is released in the first couple of hours of sleeping. Someone who wants to increase their GH productivity should eat no sugary food items when it’s bedtime, and should ensure they get a good night’s rest. Make every work out intensive. To train intense, only a small rest time must be taken in between exercises.

Keep Cortisol Low

Try and keep strength training sessions below an hour or so, as after sixty minutes of exercising, this will likely go up. Stay calm, not stressed. Lower levels of stress lead to reduced cortisol levels.


By reading this whole report, you’ll have an improved knowledge of the principles of fat burning. Whilst fat loss isn’t complex, it is more than purely calories in vs calories out. Burning calories is important, but you shouldn’t be constantly be concentrating on the amount of calories you burn off in 1 cardiovascular session. It is more important to select the correct food sources to make up your diet, together with training hard and intense.

You can get some great workouts over at shreddybrek. So the next time you go to stock up on chips, desserts and sugary snacks, hesitate. By preparing meals in advance, it gets rid of the need for grabbing junk. Enable your body to be in a 24/7 fat burning mode by selecting the very best diet choices possible. If you want to slow your fat loss progress then feel free to continue to consume poor foods.

Food for thought

  • Fat loss is 70% nutrition – 30% training. No matter how intense your workouts are, if you’re eating jack in the box & candies daily, then you’re significantly hampering your progress. Wholesome, REAL foods are much better than sugary, junk foods.
  • Always train with a high amount of intensity. This means 60 minutes of weight lifting, at the least 2 times per week, along with aerobic sessions.

All done! Put what you have read here into practice, you should start seeing the fat fly off you! Remember to stay focused to your workouts and diet. You don’t need to train in a fitness center to lose the weight, home work outs are becoming a lot more well-liked.

I hope this helps or inspires everyone. Many thanks for checking this article out. If this has been useful, feel free to share it on twitter, or on your own blog site.

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