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Make The Most Out Of Your Old Clothes!

Second Hand Clothes at Brixton Buzz

By Cheyenne Davis

Just like anyone else, you’ve probably got a few bits and pieces that you no longer need around the house. But before you throw them away, we advise you to take a look at them one more time. Could you put it to use in a few years to come? What about selling it to make a little bit of cash? Maybe you’re a second-hand hunter and don’t know what to do with your new treats? Here’s where you can discover a few new ways of making use of your second hand clothes.

If it still fits, wear it!

Yes, if it still fits (lucky you) then maybe it isn’t time to let go of it just yet. Steer away from the dustbin!


Old clothes are perfect to wear at fancy dress parties, reunions, birthdays etc. The list is endless. There’s always an occasion for a crazy looking outfit – depending on your second hand clothes collection of course. We wouldn’t want you to arrive at a wedding with your studded leather trousers.

Save some cash!

If you’ve come across a nice shirt or skirt out on the high street, think twice before buying it. Ask yourself these series of questions:

  • Can you find a similar item in a second hand clothes shop?
  • Can you find it cheaper elsewhere? And most importantly…
  • Do I already own something  similar at home?

By asking yourself those questions you’d be surprised how much money you could actually save and how much extra time you can spend in your own wardrobe.

If you don’t want it, sell it.

You’ve had an item and have come to the conclusion that it’s time for you and the item to cut ties. No matter who tries to persuade you, the relationship is over and you know it. There’s only one thing to do – sell it. Let your second hand clothes be loved by somebody else. Here at Loot, you can sell your clothing and accessories online whether you have worn them before or never taken them out of their box.

Give it to a teenager near you

You can never be too sure of what designs and styles that will make a comeback on the fashion scene. Help the younger ones around the house or in the family keep up-to-date (or head back in time) by sharing your second hand clothes collection with them.

Be warned, they’re more than likely to look at you in disgust on first offer. They’ll thank you for it later or just take whatever they want when they want. You could also tell them to visit somewhere like Brixton Buzz for more information on vintage finds.

So now that you have a few more tips on what to do with your second hand clothing goods, think twice about throwing them away. Put them to good use, give them a new home or earn some cash from them!

Picture sourced from Brixton Buzz.

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