5 Most Expensive Dogs Ever Sold


Man’s best friend comes in a variety of flavours. Big, small, fluffy, floppy, fast, slow, long, short, spotted, the list goes on. It is astonishing that we have created such a diverse range of breeds in such a short amount of time, and all from one common ancestor. In a handful of countries my opening statement conjures […]

Top 10 Cars For Under £1000


Whether you’re in college, strapped for cash or just want a cheap car that’s the best your money can get you, here is a comprehensive list of the best cars to buy for under £1000 1. Citroen Saxo         A great, cheap little hatchback. Whilst it has a reputation for being a […]

Feng Shui your garden in 5 steps..


Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment (Wikipedia). Most people associate Feng Shui with the home, but it can be practised within the garden as-well. If you are lucky enough to have some outside space we say make the most of it! Imagine kicking your shoes off after […]

A Guide to Clearing Out the Clutter : You Can De-junk Your House in a Weekend


OUT with the Old…  A Guide to Clearing Out the Clutter : You Can De-junk Your House in a Weekend. You mean to say that the idea of picking up the same outgrown children’s clothes, unused games and general clutter in your house, all summer, doesn’t appeal to you? Well… What will you do about it? […]

Find Your Dream Career or Job


You may feel that you a little too old to ask yourself ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’, but that does not necessarily mean that you are happy with your current job or career choice… LOOT have compiled a guide to finding your dream job by asking yourself a few questions. 1. […]

10 Ways To Decorate A Rented Property


Decorate your rented apartment or house. Stuck with bad décor in the flat you rent, or just magnolia walls and flat-pack furniture? LOOT have some cheap and easy ways to decorate the flat you rent that will not cost you your deposit. Living room  Have you lived with a monstrously patterned sofa before? Have you inherited a […]

Wardrobe : Organise your wardrobe with our clothes storage tips


Wardrobe :  how to organise your wardrobe and simplify your life. Do you struggle and stress when you get ready in the morning? Does it take you minutes, not seconds, to find something that you were looking for in your wardrobe? Take action. ORGANISE your wardrobe. 1.  Ruthlessly decide which items you wish to: – Display : […]

Restore and Re-Invent your Garden Furniture


Restoring your Garden Furniture: Metal garden furniture is functional, sturdy, and always in style. Unfortunately, the elements usually take their toll on outdoor furniture and maintenance is necessary to restore it. Thankfully restoring metal garden furniture is simple. LOOT is an excellent source of high-quality new and used metal garden furniture, as well as wooden garden […]

Chores for Children : How To Get Your Children to Help You With Chores


Are you a parent with too many chores and children running your ankles, this half term? Ask yourself – Could your child help with any of the tasks that you have to do? You may be surprised what your children can learn from these chores too… What won’t a child do or say to escape […]

Baby and you : 5 Things You Don’t Need For Your Baby


Baby and you: LOOT have brought to you a list of 5 things you don’t need for you baby. First time parents? We are sure that everyone is giving you plenty of advice, along the unmarked road to parenthood and I bet you didn’t realise it would be this expensive, did you!? Products are presented to […]

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