Glamping: Enjoy the glamorous alternative to camping


Glamping NOUN A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities that are ever-so slightly more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Glamping is likely to satisfy any city dweller seeking a little refuge in nature—without needing to compromise on any of life’s little luxuries that we know and love.   The term glamorous camping […]

London Save Money: Easter Money Saving Tips With Children


Easter is a great time to spend with the children, but you are not alone in thinking that the Easter holidays are notoriously long! We have some Easter money saving tips, because sometimes we need some suggestions of things to do as a family on a budget! Get Crafty Whether baking goodies or gripping the glue […]

Budget Wedding ideas


According to a report by The Telegraph ‘newlyweds are starting married life in debt as the cost of the average wedding has soared to £18,244’. With this in mind we have put together an article on money-saving on your big day. The Telegraph noted the ‘Top 10 Average Wedding Related Costs’ and we have found […]

Get on your bike!


Make the most of the fair weather, this spring. Dig out your bike and leave the car at home. Not only will you save the money, usually spent on fuel and parking fees, but you may even find it quicker and – most shocking of all – you may even enjoy it! Did you know […]

Less shabby, more chic: UPCYCLED FURNITURE


Upcycled furniture ideas for your home – shabby chic style! Don’t buy brand-new furniture at an extortionate cost. We suggest that you find great quality, second-hand pieces in our classified ads- on loot.com – for furniture that looks great, at a fraction of the cost. What’s more… customising and upcycling furniture is easier than you may […]

Staycations on the rise: Will you be holidaying in the UK this summer?


Are you considering a British Summer Holiday, this summer? If so, loot.com is on hand to give you some reasons to consider a great British Holiday – this summer – and they all start with http://loot.com/travel Despite the recent weather, staycations are on the rise as an increasing number of Brits opt for local holidays in […]

How To Write A Letter To Santa: The Secrets


Christmas is coming, friends! And it’s high time to write a letter to Santa Claus! Yes, it is not an essay or dissertation writing of course, but if you want Mr. Claus like your piece of writing and bring you some good presents, you better read and follow these small tips and tricks to attract […]

Three Job Search Tips


The worst possible thing is to be searching for a job, be qualified for some great jobs, and not get any calls or emails back for interviews. I know how it is; I’ve been there. It was one of the most confidence shaking places to be in life, especially when that paycheck should be and […]

How to Lose Weight and Look Great for Less


Fad diets, expensive exercise machines and crazy expensive classes may all sound like the sorts of things on the outset that will work to help you lose weight. However, they’re generally expensive and often little if any bit better than lower costing and more conventional means of losing those pounds. So, let’s take a look […]

Job Interviews: How To Keep Your Calm


Let’s face it: degrees and diplomas seem frivolous when it comes to the case scenario of presenting oneself with an interview in order to impress potential recruiters and secure a sustainable job! What with oh so much nervousness (or worse yet – the fear that you may just end up waffling in due course of […]

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